our Pet adoption Guarantee

Before bringing a puppy home, E-SMITH PET PARADISE wants you to know that owning a puppy means periodic visits to a veterinarian and that you will be responsible for all costs associated with such veterinarian visits.

At E-SMITH PET PARADISE, we do everything we can to make sure your puppy is as healthy as possible when she/he arrives, but puppies are living breathing animals like us which means health issues may arise despite our best efforts. This guarantee describes our commitment to you if any health issue arises with your puppy.

What does this guarantee cover?
Before your puppy comes home he or she has undergone an extensive veterinary health check by our veterinarians, complete vaccination and deworming protocols. This guarantee covers health issues that may arise after the arrival of your puppy. This guarantee only covers puppies which are delivered [and have continually resided] within the United States and/or Canada.

Days 1-24: If, within 24 days of arrival, your puppy is found to have a contagious disease, illness, or parasite, E-SMITH PET PARADISE will be totally responsible for veterinary bills or provide you with reimbursement of reasonable and customary veterinary bills to treat such condition up to the purchase price of your puppy.

After Day 24: After the 24th day of your puppy adoption, you will be totally responsible for the health and veterinary bills of your baby Maltese. but since adopting a puppy from us has already made us families, we have that responsibility to always be calling from time to time to know how your puppy is growing up.

You have to know that this Adoption Guarantee issue is not to scare you or say your puppy will run into health issues but to proof to you that we treat all our pets with human feelings, just like we make health insurance to ourselves and our families, we also see a need to make a health insurance to our lovely pet’s live that play and stay with us and our families. 

Thanks for understanding and for giving us the chance to satisfy you. Stay Blessed.

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